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Unlock the potential of your company’s training initiatives with TrainedIn’s affordable Learning Management System (LMS). Expand your reach and capture your expertise in the online realm, connecting with a larger audience. Our high-end, user-friendly platform ensures a seamless learning experience. Learners can navigate effortlessly, accessing information in a snap. Stand out from the competition with our intuitive LMS that makes learning a breeze. At TrainedIn, we go beyond LMS provision. We offer comprehensive eLearning solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Our expert team creates engaging eLearning content at an affordable cost. Additionally, we provide a complete suite of eLearning and LMS services as part of a customizable package.


With our affordable pricing model, you can scale your training initiatives without breaking the bank. Our pricing is per user, ensuring cost-effectiveness. You can choose to pay by monthly subscription, providing flexibility and convenience for your organisation. Empower your workforce, streamline training management, and optimiSe your company’s learning initiatives with TrainedIn’s affordable Learning Management System. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and take your training to the next level.


What You Can Do With Our LMS

Create: Build your own online training and add your own content.

Deliver: Assign training to your team and issue certification on completion.

Monitor: Track the progress of all users. Issue reminders and auto enroll features are standard.

Language: You can change the system settings so that it is displayed in your native language making the system easier to navigate.

Communication: Discussions allow you to communicate with other users, share feedback, and exchange ideas.

Gamification: Are you competitive? See how good your learning and progress is compared to your colleagues.

Recognition: Every course you complete and the hours you spend learning, unlock new levels allowing you to earn badges as you progress. Get in touch with us to see the demo.

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